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WordPress Plugin Makes Beautiful Call To Action Buttons Easily

WordPress Plugin Makes Beautiful Call To Action Buttons Easily

Want to make beautiful Call to Action buttons without having to code them? MaxButtons Pro might be just what you’ve been looking for. I love WordPress plugins that make things easy, and I love shortcodes. MaxButtons Pro lets you create awesome buttons without having to fiddle with CSS code, and when you’re satisfied with the button you’ve created, the plugin gives you a shortcode to use anywhere on your site. Let’s see how it works.

First, I wanted to create a beautiful Call to Action button for my novel, The Grave Blogger. Here is the button I created with MaxButtons Pro in about 20 seconds. Notice that it changes color when you hover over it.

After installing the plugin, I went to the plugin’s admin area and clicked the Add New button.


I filled out a few fields until the button was just the way I wanted it.


Finally, I clicked the Save button and was given the shortcode to use, which is how you are seeing the button above.


Of course, there are lots of options making it easy to change the buttons colors, and you can even add optional icons to your buttons as well! Check out some buttons that can be created with button packs.


How cool is that! Check out MaxButtons Pro if you need the ability to quickly and easily make cool buttons. It’s only ten bucks, and the optional pre-designed icon packs are only five bucks each.

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