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Prevent Google Panda Problems

Prevent Google Panda Problems

Google Panda grammar troll

I use Grammarly’s plagiarism check because Google’s Panda makes grammar trolls seem tame by comparison! Actually, Grammarly is great for taming both, but lately I’ve been doing SEO Audits and helping clients fend off the not-so-cute Panda search penalty, which – in part – affects sites that have either an internal or external duplicate content problem.

Citation Audits

Grammarly runs a “citation audit” which not only tells you the percentage of borrowed text that may require citations, but also gives pre-formatted reference suggestions to enable you to properly cite a reference.

It’s not really designed to check an entire website’s content in bulk for duplicate content issues; that’s not where it’s strength lies. It’s better at handling on-the-fly checking.

  • Do you publish guest posts?
  • Do you hire people to write content for you?

Before publishing, run it through Grammarly to ensure that you won’t incur the wrath of Panda.

Grammar Checker

Speaking of Panda, Grammarly helps ensure the content you publish is grammatically correct. This helps keep that angry algorithm from assigning a low-quality label to your articles. Panda focuses on various low-quality content indicators, but duplicate content and bad grammar are two Panda problems you can prevent with Grammarly.

And of course, if your content’s grammar is off – even a little – the grammar trolls will swoop in to let you know about it. The urban dictionary defines a grammar troll as “people who only reply to blog/news posts, to correct the grammar of other posters.” We’ve all experienced the trolls. They won’t kill your online business as fast as Google’s Panda will, but they are a nuisance that can be overcome by using Grammarly before you publish a post!

So, how does this post rate on Grammarly? Not very well, actually. I used Grammarly to check the paragraphs above, and it found 22 problems! I’ve included a couple of screenshots below to give you an idea of what the results were like. I also didn’t make any corrections to the content above, just in case you decide to try Grammarly out with this post.

Grammarly Score For This Post

grammarly score

Example of A Grammarly Suggestion

example of grammarly

Reminder: Grammarly is great for PREVENTION! If you need to check an entire site for duplicate content, I suggest using either Copyscape’s or Plagspotter’s bulk services. If you need to deal with Penguin penalties, Link Detox is an excellent choice! If you need help with Panda or Penguin, or are looking for an SEO Audit, just get in touch!

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