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My Novel The Grave Blogger Now Available

My Novel The Grave Blogger Now Available

My novel, The Grave Blogger, is available in various formats and from various websites. You can get The Grave Blogger in digital format for only $2.99 for your Kindle. In addition, if you prefer paper to electronic books, you can also get The Grave Blogger in paperback format.

So what’s my novel all about?

The Grave Blogger is a suspense novel about a young true crime blogger, Raya Landry, who suddenly has flashes of memories – or hallucinations – of an unsolved brutal murder that happened 20 years earlier when she was just five years old. Raya’s investigation into the crime – and her mysterious past – leads her into danger as she gets too close for a killer’s comfort.

The Kindle version, which has been available for a week, has already begun to get some interesting reviews. Here are a few:

Totally Engaging – I have read many of Donna’s blogs for a number of years, so when I heard she had written a novel, and a crime thriller at that, I wanted to be one of the first to read it. Her fiction surpasses her blog writing (I wouldn’t have thought it possible) and I raced through the grave blogger in record time.

The story line was gripping, the characters well rounded, and I had to keep reminding myself that this was indeed a first novel, as I would never have guessed it to be

I’m hoping and waiting for a sequel!

A Must Read – This book has great architecture for becoming a movie! The author has great talent for telling a story that captivates and stirs the imagination. You will not want to put it down..

Ms Fontenot is a highly skilled storyteller! The Grave Blogger is a cracking good yarn – I’m not a great one for fiction, and when I do pick up a book I often throw it aside after a chapter-or-two. When I purchased The Grave Blogger on though, it had me spellbound to the last page. Couldn’t put it down. I missed appointments and had the family wondering what happened–I wasn’t planning to read but once I had those pages open I had to keep reading right to the end. I love Fontenot’s style, and I think we might have a new genre here: Blogger Fiction. The story centers around a talented young crime blogger and her mysterious past. I’m not saying any more though–read it for yourself. The Grave Blogger is highly recommended. I love that it comes in my favorite Kindle format too.

I enjoyed writing The Grave Blogger and I hope people enjoy reading it. Yes, there will be more! An entire series is planned and in the works.

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