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My 10 Favorite WordPress Premium Theme Sites

My 10 Favorite WordPress Premium Theme Sites

WordPress premium themes have come a long way in the last few years. They started out by offering just a few special options or a new type of design not commonly used in free themes. But over the years, they’ve blossomed into offering strikingly beautiful, creative, and ingenious designs. Below are my favorite sites to browse when I’m kicking back on a rainy day, looking for inspiration or ideas for my “next big idea”. The people behind the designs deserve awards. Many of them are incredible.


Themeforest offers a dizzying array of themes to choose from, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one I didn’t like. This one might just be my favorite of them all.


iThemes has some very nice themes, with two that are different, in that they have the ability to be extremely flexible (Flexx and Builder).

Woo Themes

Woo Themes are a favorite amongst many WordPress aficionados because it offers monthly membership to get new themes each month. You can still opt to just buy a theme without membership, however, and they are always giving free themes with each purchase, so good deals abound here.


Kadom Themes hit my radar because I was trying out one of their plugins. They don’t have a lot of themes, but the ones they have are crisp and clean.


Templatic changed its name recently but that didn’t distract from the quality of the themes. I like the wide array of “types” of themes that will work for many niches and business models.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes are not only outstanding, but the yearly price for complete access to all themes is ridiculously awesome.


SoloStream has a more “classic” array of theme choices than most, but sometimes classic is just what someone is searching for.


WPRemix is really just one premium theme, but it comes bundled with over 50 layouts to choose from, so it’s an interesting and useful package.


Headway is less of a theme and more of a framework. This is for the do-it-yourself’er or designer who wants to create their own designs, but with an awesome place to start, and options designed to make the process easy.


Thesis, like Headway, is a framework, that lets you create whatever design you want, while still starting from a powerful base. It also is designed to make the creation process easy, with options built in.

Those are my favorites. If you’re looking for a special theme, or like me, just like to browse for inspiration on rainy days, these are great places to find extreme themes and incredible inspiration.

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