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Create Online Training Courses With WordPress

Create Online Training Courses With WordPress

I love WordPress, and I am still amazed at the creative ways people are finding to use it. I came across a plugin today that got me excited enough to write a quick post about it. Have you ever wanted to create an online training course? If not, you should think about the advantages for a moment.

Advantages To Creating Online Training Courses

  • Demonstrate your expertise in a subject – Great for showing your authority (Authority is a positive Google algo signal)
  • Keep visitors engaged; Gives them a reason to stay on your site longer and come back often. (Another positive signal to Google)
  • This is the type of content that is extremely sharable and linkable. (Say it with me: another positive signal!)
  • If you’re looking for a new way to monetize your site or blog, this is something visitors will gladly pay for, assuming you create a rockin’ training course!

The name of this plugin is WP Courseware. It is extremely well-priced at only $39.99 for a single site license, which allows you to create unlimited courses, modules, and units, or just $99 to use it on as many sites as you wish.

Here is a list of features.

The plugin also integrates with several popular WordPress membership programs, such as WishList Member, so your ability to create an outstanding training site without having to hire an expensive developer just landed in your lap.

My idea list just expanded! What about yours? :)

Check it out. They even have a demo course that you can take, which teaches how to use the plugin itself, so you get the advantage of seeing it in action, and learning how to use it all at the same time. Pretty cool.

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