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Convert Existing HTML Site Design To A WordPress Theme In 10 Seconds

Convert Existing HTML Site Design To A WordPress Theme In 10 Seconds

One of my most popular posts lately is my guide that shows you how to convert a static HTML site to WordPress. In that post, however, I note that it doesn’t convert the actual design of the site; it converts the content. You’ll need to start fresh with a new theme or convert the design yourself. This post is the answer to that problem.

How To Convert Your Existing HTML Site Design or Template To A WordPress Theme in 10 Seconds Flat – For Free

There’s a new tool out there folks, and it works really well. I’ve tested it and I’m going to show you step by step screenshots of the design conversion I just did for one of my old HTML, hand-coded, non-WordPress sites. Now remember, this is just the DESIGN portion. I wanted to convert the design to a WordPress theme, and the Themematcher tool worked amazingly well. Take a look for yourself. I’ll show you what my old site looks like, then show you each step I took to convert it to a WordPress theme, and how it looks afterwards. Let’s begin.

Screenshot Of My Old Site Design

Enter The URL Of Site Design You Want To Match

Step 1: Select The Content Area Of The Design – The Tool Makes This Easy By Outlining Blocks Automatically As You Move The Mouse

Step 2: Select the Sidebar Area Or Choose To Have No Sidebar – I Chose None

Step 3: Remove Any Unwanted Elements (Optional), Then Click Done

Last Step: Choose Free or Pro Version – I Chose Free

Download Your Theme

Install and Activate Your Theme and Change Theme Options If You’d Like

The Result: What My Theme Looks Like

How amazing is that??!! Go ahead, compare it to the first screenshot. It even handles the menu rollovers perfectly. Now, you’ll notice that because I chose the free version, it automatically includes a link back to the tool, by putting the phrase “This theme was automatically generated with Theme Matcher“. And yes, since I know everyone will attempt to get rid of that link via the options, I attempted it too, just to see what would happen. The link won’t go away; instead, you’ll see a message that to remove the link, you’ll need the Pro version. So obviously, nearly everyone will want to get the Pro version to get rid of that link. But the really cool thing is that you can try it out to make sure it will work well for you before you have to make that decision to pay.

I have to assume that there will be some designs that will be really complex that might not completely convert well with this tool, but I’d bet it would still be incredibly useful even for those sites. Why? Because even if the resulting theme needs some tweaking, the head start it will provide you will be a huge time-saver. Starting from scratch is tough. Starting with a design that is close to perfect, but needs some tweaking, is an unimaginable relief.

What can I say? The screenshots above tell the story better than I can. Wow. I’m blown away. I love this tool! Try it out for yourself.

UPDATE: The free download has been replaced by an online preview of what the theme looks like.

If you want to convert an old site design to a WordPress theme, prepare to get excited.

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